What to Do After Picking Your E-Commerce Software

The moment you have identified the e-commerce software you want to use, there are certain things that you need to do before making it visible online. Whether you choose Shopify Plus or Magento Community, you need to make sure that you are ready before making your first appearance online and they include;

  • Design a good site

It is critical that when you go live, your customers will find a good reason to stay and shop from your site. Designing a good e-commerce website is easy especially when you chose Shopify Plus as your e-commerce software of choice. That is because it has predesigned theme that you can easily customize to have the online shop of your dream. With the Magento Community, on the other hand, you might want to get an expert developer to handle the designing part for you. A good e-commerce website is one that is easy to use for customers and should be attractive with balanced colors and quality images.

  • Open social media pages across various platforms

As much as you might not have to be extra active on all social media pages, it is essential to have a business account in most of them. Not only will you be increasing your reach but you will also be able to identify the platform that has most customers. That’s the reason why you will find an e-commerce software like Shopify providing you will social media support applications that allows you to market your business on social media. The fact that you have your social media pages up does not mean that you should relax. It would be best if you worked on a schedule of how you plan to post on your pages. Remember that an organized social media marketing on platforms like Facebook or Twitter will give you a steady increase in followers which is a good thing.

  • Have your first stock ready

It makes no sense when you open a shop, and you don’t have anything to sell. You should, however, know that when doing business online, you can take advantage of drop shipping services in case you would like to get your business running without any stock. However, it is better to invest in your first stock to make a good first impression. Depending on drop shipping services can be unreliable especially when it comes to timely deliveries.


It does not matter if you use Magento Community to start an online business or you use Shopify Plus. All in all, you need to be prepared to make your first customers happy. You, therefore, need to prepare adequately.